Weekly Dev Log for December 7th, 2020

Weekly Dev Log for December 7th, 2020

Hello everyone, and welcome to the Weekly Dev Log for December 7th, 2020, detailing all the changes that have happened since November 30th, 2020. Note: Devs that don’t appear in the weekly log are not necessarily away or not doing work, but may be working on things currently not announced or backend work that doesn’t need to be detailed.

Update (Karaoke Rooms)

Work continues on the next update to Tower Unite, Update Snow has fallen with this update, as the Winter Plaza and Holiday Events return. This update will also contain Karaoke Rooms, which are rent-able private nightclub rooms you can reserve for you and your friends. This update will also include bug fixes and new features, which you can read about here.

December 2020 Condo Contest Begins

This month, we’re running a winter / festivity theme condo contest! This contest runs through the entire month of December, ending on December 31st. First place winner takes home 1,000,000 units, and participants may be rewarded 75,000 units! You can read more about the contests, as well as the rules here.


@Johanna finished working on the player fade system, which will fade players from your view if they get too close to your camera, preventing griefing. She also finished up the Nightclub Karaoke Rooms, and updated the Arcade to include the Arcade Billiards.

@Lifeless continued working on the Virus map, “Theme Park”.

@macdguy worked on implementing the Karaoke rooms, along with changes to the Snowball Battle minigame, and implementing the player fade system and fixes for various Billiards bugs.

@Madmijk worked on trying to resolve Soundcloud sync issues with the Nightclub.

@Sketchman continued working on crash fixes, adding a fix for a crash related to workshop icons, and another fix for a workshop related crash. He also added LODs to some lobby and character meshes, and recomposed the workshop code to further reduce hitching when loading a model.

@Wheezwer started the condo contest, worked on concept for the rail shooting gallery tunnel, worked on concept art for a future feature, art for the Karaoke Rooms and dialogue for the Karaoke Room NPC. She also worked on finishing the Steam trading card stuff to get it wrapped up.

Karaoke Room: Lobby WIP

Karaoke Room: Menu WIP

Upcoming Achievement Icons WIP

Sample Upgrade Icon (Fire Little Crusaders Dragon Skin) WIP

Wrap It Up

That about covers everything that happened since November 30th, 2020 at PixelTail Games. See you all next week!

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karaoke looks good

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what will be in the karaoke room? is it just a roleplay feature or will it have a minigame?


I sing for you.



snacks, drinks, and karaoke? sounds like a party :slight_smile:


IIRC (from the Discord) it’ll just be decor and some media screens, no minigame. If there were a minigame I figure we’d see some more development/info on it.

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gimme gimme plz


How will the Karaoke room work? Do you need a Microphone for it, or is it a DDR-based game?

It’s just a private nightclub room without any new features, but if you want to sing in it then you’ll need a mic

I wonder what will make karaoke different from private theaters. Perhaps they’re both at the same rental price, just different themes and appearances?

The karaoke rooms probably have the visualizer stuff, and the theaters you can turn on and off the lights. Little things like that I think.

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Excited! But what’s the difference between the Karaoke Rooms and the planned Private Theatres? (despite maybe not having food and drinks, meaning less activities), will the Karaoke Rooms have their own private voice chat for the users currently inside or smth?

Private Theaters don’t have food, only drinks, so that’s one thing that the Karaoke Rooms have that the theaters don’t.

I’d assume both areas would have voice chat exclusive to their rooms so other people don’t have to hear what’s going on inside the rooms, especially with how close the private theaters are to each other, you’d definitely be able to hear people in other rooms if the voice chat wasn’t kept separate in these rooms.

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