Weekly Dev Log for August 5th, 2019

Looking really nice so far, guys.

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is it just me? or do things not like to load on these Dev log posts

Now this is Cash money rite here.





What does it mean the source code is being released, what will happen with it?

I see the WIP “Bloop” description of the Prism map. Nice.

Is that a llama

i’ll take your entire stock


Everything looking amazing but there is one question remaining:

Will that Connect 4 be playable?!

EDIT: Confirmed on Discord :smiley:


The underlying code that makes up GMTower will be made publicly available in a decompiled, human-readable format which can be freely used by others as long as the license (GPLv3 in this case) is being followed.

Loving the continued expansion of ideas with Arcade. This will be the what, 2nd expansion since it’s original placeholder layout at EA launch? I take it the stairs pic is alluding to a new 3rd floor?

Agreeing that the gameworld UI looks great. I really didn’t see the problem until I see what it COULD be.

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Ready for Is it here yet? Huh? Two more features updates before that? Noooooooooo! [falls into deep sleep until Arcade Update]

Some of those prizes look photorealistic at first glance, and that’s incredibly impressive! Keep on keeping it up!

Probably a placeholder, but I like Prisms description being just “Bloop”.

All these arcade prizes… I cannot wait. Also; that coin pusher will be the end of my sanity.

Those new Gameworld screens are so clean and stylish. Also I’m ready to spend 80 hours on the 2p Machine.

The new UI works Mac the new transparent menu look and the difficulty color makes it fresh. I wish there’s an option button to set a few stuff just for this game mode like the Workshop support or mouse settings (some in-game screenshots in How to Play sounds good) & remove the back button on the top right and push the server/create menu up. You already have one down there but Good job :slight_smile: Also love the idea flashing other players with the camera in Ball Race, a neat mutator idea I see.

Hmm sounds like Trainyard gets an update, collect stuff mission?

Coin Pusher! yes!

can’t wait for arcade

I mean map selection okay good but i kinda liked the old one more , it was faster to create

It’s more or less the same amount of clicks to start a game.
Right now it’s Game world > create tab > select a map > start game
The new one just adds one extra click for public and its exact same for friends only.
I like it way more.


This is a small detail, but I really love that swirly cone above the Warp Zone sign.


What is that little Bonus sign above the machines?