Weekly Dev Log for August 12th, 2019

Removing the main menu is ridiculous and unnecessary in my opinion. All that is necessary here is an “automatically join [x condition] Plaza server on game load” checkbox. There is no reason to remove quick access to all portions of TU just for the purpose of immersion.


100% agree, as discussed on the Trello thread, in my mind the functions of the menu would be redistributed to the tab/escape menu if the main menu goes away (Ideally after loading times have been optimized just a little more), even if the menu itself goes away, being able to just quickly and instantly hop into games or condos shouldn’t.

from what i can guess, the tab will replace the quick access that the menu gives in some places
(like the condo tab and games tab)
and loading up into the plaza automatically will become so fast that the load speed will be just as fast or almost the same as loading up TU as it is now. so in the future it shouldn’t take away from the quick access that people are used to.

i just hope the menu does go and people are put into lobbies only because TU from what i can tell is a heavily based social/community driven game, and menu has took away from that idea of seeing the community and socialising.
rather than just a number at the top of the menu screen saying there is x number of people or a chat message, you can now see people in the lobby joining leaving TU going into games/condos, it makes you feel apart of peoples experience and them apart of yours, rather than separate and not being involved in the same game (or at least how TU makes me feel sometimes)


All the recent gui changes look really slick

Fair enough, didn’t really think of a setting. That’d be a good solution for people who want to immediately drop into a plaza server