Weekly/Daily bonuses on certain games

Hi. I’ve noticed that at any given time the only active servers are either on ball race or minigolf. I’ve been unable to enjoy virus or whatever the other one is because nobody plays them. If you just gave a little bonus to a game every week/day it’d give players more incentive to play them, allowing people to actually experience them.

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This has probably been suggested before, but it’s still a good suggestion nonetheless. It would be nice if there was a bonus for a different thing each day.

Maybe even copy trove’s bonus thingies a bit: they have a certain set bonus for each day of the week, such as double fishing speed or double resources.

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While sometimes there are not active games of some gameworlds, all it takes is for someone to host and a game will start up. Having an incentive to play the game seems a bit forceful, considering that

  1. Some people don’t like some games. That’s how it’s always been, how it always will be.
  2. Some gameworlds are less finished that others. I think that because Planet Panic (the “other game”) is listed with the other 3 gameworlds, people tend to forget that it is in alpha. It’s not done yet, and this has been made clear. Now of course none of the gameworlds are done yet, but the rest are in beta. So don’t hold Planet Panic to the same standards.
  3. If you want to play the less popular gameworlds, host a game. Virus games usually rack up players relatively easily. Going to player-filled Plaza servers, where you can talk to and round up players, is another good way to get a game going.
  4. If this were to be added, it would make players feel forced to play the games they don’t like in order to get maximum Unit gain, which isn’t very fair. It makes them have less enjoyment form the game they’re playing.

Just, let it be. I don’t think daily or weekly rewards for certain gameworlds is a good idea.