Websites Reporting on the Indiegogo

VR Focus did a write up.

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We’re Automaton Japan’s indie pick, apparently

Another VR site

Some friends and myself contacted the admins of that website (and many others) about TU. At least one of them listened to us! :smile:

P.S.: Kinda sad though that people in coments are saying things like “It will end up being F2P full of ads”, “It will be bought by Facebook”, or “This smells to Second Life”. Have they even read the article? -_-

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They are probably too lazy to do some actual research.

We’re mentioned on another Japanese site, Shiropen, as well as on Alpha Beta Gamer.

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To be honest, I’m rather surprised that Tower Unite has been mentioned in many other places. I didn’t expect it to be THAT big.

The Kickstarter was even mentioned in Destructoid

Anything is possible once Tower Unite starts getting momentum. :slight_smile:

Well, I’ll be damned, as much as that’s the kickstarter, I’m still surprised.