Weather in the lobby

It would be cool if the weather in the lobby changed occasionally, sometimes it would rain, sometimes it would get cloudy, and during the winter, it might start snowing. I think this would add some more atmosphere to the lobby.


We do have the weather system in development, and I’d absolutely love to see it implemented with the lobby. The only downside is that I can see performance becoming an issue…


Yeah, I could see performance issues poping up, but I think it could be done.

I wouldn’t rule it out, seems like it could be worked into the game later on.

Probably would make it toggle-able for lower end pc’s.

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What if a pop up came up on first load in asking weather to toggle on or off of which it will then set it in their setting menu.
This can then be changed on a later date in the setting for the user if they want it on and therefore hopefully will help low end computer users

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I would love weather in the plaza, as long as we have some way to toggle it so it doesn’t affect performance.

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