Weather Effects on Condo Surfaces




Turning up the snow intensity will snow the scenery in, rain will make everything wet and hail will cover everything in hail.


[ul][li]Card was renamed from “Wet surface on objects as a result of rain, snowy surface as a result of snow, etc.” to “Weather effect on surfaces”.[/li][/ul]


[ul][li]Card’s description was updated.[/li][li]Card was renamed from “Weather effect on surfaces” to “Weather effect on condo surfaces”.[/li][/ul]


Hopefully this is finished soon.


[ul][li]Card’s description was updated.[/li][/ul]


Sorry for the necro, but wasn’t this being worked on? Wondering what ever happened to it, cause it seemed like one of the nicest parts of condo weather to have snow lying everywhere.


From what i can see it’s located in the section marked as requested (not confirmed), so it’s sort of in cold storage for now, most likely until they get around to do the smaller things, then if they decide that they will add this in the game it will be moved to the “in development” section and get expanded on.


It would be good to have some kind of settling snow effect for December but it’s not the end of the world if we don’t have it by then


All i can think of is the insane water damages this is gonna cause to the condo.
Imagine if the water could pile up, then we could have an indoor swimming pool.


This is a super low priority feature. It most likely won’t be touched on for awhile.


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