Weather doesn't sync

It’s stupid when I’m talking to my friend about the dank mist and he says it’s nice and sunny on his computer

I turned this into a bug report, as this is a feature already.

Are you sure your friend doesn’t have weather disabled in the graphics settings? These settings can disable all rain, fog, etc. and make the condo appear sunny.

No, that’s because it’s clientside.
Anyone can change the weather or the time of day from the C menu, even in the lobby.

That is a different bug. People should not even be able to open this menu as a guest. Weather was not made to be clientside.

well, that was the bug I was originally talking about. Opening the C menu and changing the weather/time of day yourself. Not sure if the “naturally occuring” weather/time of day is synced or not.

Well, then state that in the first post next time, please.

Weather syncs for condos, but access to the C menu in Lobby (or not being a host) is a known bug. It will be fixed in

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