Wear multiple accessories at once

It would be cool to wear a pair of headphones and the cat beanie at the same time, or a chef hat with a crown. Basically remove the 1 at time situation for accessories and allow the player to pile up as many hats, pool floats, and glasses as they can possible carry. An issue though is the more items that need to be loaded can slowdown others computers. Sorry if this has been suggested before.

I quite like this, I can emulate those cat-headphone thingys with the cat ears and my backer headphones.

And I can wear a watch and a wristband and a spike band all at the same time and look like an angsty pre-teen.

And if you equip the Catpack and the backpack at the same time, the catsack peeks out the backpack?

Chicken bucket and the fishing bucket can be combined to make a large hat stack?

Wear 3D glasses, snowboarding goggles, eyeglasses all at the same time?

I love the idea of combining accessories.


You know what would be awesome?

Letting players manually adjust position and rotation of worn items. Hat floating above your head? Just lower the “Y” slider. Want to wear your hat backwards? Change the rotation to 180°. This would also make things easier on the devs, mainly not having to worry about positioning every single item correctly on every single playermodel.


This will probably be a thing when the workshop for player models releases, atleast i hope so :new_moon_with_face:

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An excerpt from Starbound:
“Baseball cap - Minus 50 intelligence when worn sideways.”

Ok, now that I have my lame joke quota fulfilled, I have to say that I love this idea.