Weapons that need a buff

Sawn-off: Unless you’re using the doubleshot exploit, pretty much a downgrade to the Uzi. No real reason to pick it unless you know the exploit.

Tommy Gun: No reason to pick it up outside the first round

Axe: Same as Tommy gun. Maybe it could be balanced if the damage was kept the same, but the durability and swing radius was increased?

Bolt Action: Deals less damage than a fast firing revolver, and a stick flying at medium-fast speed. Give it the ability to pierce through enemies or something.

Crossbow: I think this gun should be removed entirely. Quite Redundant, imo.

Auto Shotgun: For an autoshotty, really weak. Doesn’t have enough ammo, or damage to make it worth picking up. The Spas is so much better.

Which guns do you think need a rebalance, and do you agree with what i think needs rebalancing?

Except for the Axe, I agree with everything you said. I’ve used the Axe quiet a bit and I didn’t find it underpowered.

Even with dual wielding the sawnoff is kind of garb, since it requires you not to pick up a secondary.

Tommy is kind of weak but still useful if you’re doing a no-starter run. I wouldn’t say it’s weak enough to warrant a buff since it’s still pretty good despite being worse than the best starter.

Don’t sleep on the axe, it’s really strong, but I would like to see more durability. I wouldn’t mind a low damage melee weapon with lots of durability.

Bolt action would be really nice with piercing but it’s still a really good switch as is.

Crossbow is an amazing switch but useless on its own. That ~300 damage is insane and the ammo lasts forever. If you have the pleasure of dual wielding these on the boss, prepare for a quick fight.

Autoshotgun I actually fully agree on. It’s a complete joke and feels like cotton candy. It’s always a really big disappointment when I pick it up thinking it’s a SPAS.

the axe isn’t bad per say, but if i see literally any other melee on the ground, it’s no contest. worst melee, but not bad

And the Egon isn’t the best weapon in the game, the M4A1 because it does 50 damage per shot and the Egon does about 20… On top of that, the M4A1 has better range than the Egon… either the loading hint needs to be changed or one of the weapons needs a buff / nerf.

What the egon is is hella satisfying

make the crossbow shoot explosive ammo

I was thinking the crossbow bolts should pierce through all targets but I think that works too.