Weapon Rewrite




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[ul][li]Rework folder structure[/li][li]Clean up bad references[/li][li]Weapon base for FX[/li][li]View model arm base[/li][li]New weapon materials[/li][li]Clean up / completely rewrite 99% of Virus gameplay code[/li][li]Change Virus gamemode code to work with the new weapon system[/li][li]Migrate Virus weapons[/li][li]Migrate Lobby weapons[/li][li]Migrate Virus weapon: 9mm[/li][li]Migrate Virus weapon: Double Barrel[/li][li]Migrate Virus weapon: Autorifle[/li][li]Migrate Virus weapon: Flak Handcannon[/li][li]Migrate Virus weapon: Sci-fi Handgun[/li][li]Migrate Virus weapon: Dual Silencers[/li][li]Migrate Virus weapon: TNT[/li][li]Migrate Virus weapon: Tommy Gun[/li][li]Migrate Virus weapon: Plasma Autorifle[/li][li]Migrate Virus weapon: Sonic Shotgun[/li][li]Migrate Virus weapon: Adrenaline[/li][li]Migrate Lobby weapon: Unit Bills[/li][li]Migrate Lobby weapon: Confetti Gun[/li][li]Migrate Lobby weapon: Bubble Gun[/li][li]Finalize Lobby weapon: Unit Bills[/li][li]Migrate Lobby weapon: Fishing Rod[/li][li]Finalize Lobby weapon: Fishing Rod[/li][li]Migrate Lobby weapon: Metal Detector[/li][li]Rework decal and weapon FX system[/li][li]Redo weapon icons[/li][li]Add support for alt fire for Double Barrel[/li][li]Add support for air blasting objects (for Sonic Shotgun)[/li][li]Add support for charging up a weapon (for Sonic Shotgun)[/li][li]Add melee weapon damage support[/li][li]Migrate to 4.15[/li][li]Migrate into Tower code base[/li][li]Improve hold type system for player models[/li][li]Fix weapon holding animations not applying while you jump, crouch, or sit[/li][li]Backport fake animations from Virus for weapons that won’t have custom animations just yet (idle breathing, reloading, deploy/holster)[/li][li]New weapon view bob[/li][li]Finalize Virus weapon: 9mm[/li][li]Finalize Virus weapon: Double Barrel[/li][li]Finalize Virus weapon: Autorifle[/li][li]Finalize Virus weapon: Flak Handcannon[/li][li]Finalize Virus weapon: Sci-fi Handgun[/li][li]Finalize Virus weapon: Silencer[/li][li]Finalize Virus weapon: TNT[/li][li]Finalize Virus weapon: Tommy Gun[/li][li]Finalize Lobby weapon: Metal Detector[/li][li]Finalize Virus weapon: Sonic Shotgun[/li][li]Finalize Virus weapon: Plasma Autorifle[/li][li]Finalize Virus weapon: Adrenaline[/li][li]Finalize Lobby weapon: Confetti Gun[/li][li]Finalize Lobby weapon: Bubble Gun[/li][li]Add weapon based crosshair support to Lobby[/li][li]Add weapon based ammo HUD to Lobby[/li][li]Bullets now have different decals and hit effects based on the material it hit (aka different effects for shooting at sand, metal, etc.)[/li][li]Weapons should push physics objects around[/li][li]Damage HUD effects[/li][li]Damage hit notes[/li][li]Plasma autorifle has been changed: Now has ammo like the regular autorifle, but comes with a secondary charging beam blast[/li][li]Clean up old weapon model references[/li][li]Implement kill icon support[/li][/ul]


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[ul][li]“Macklin Guy” commented "This is an extension of the weapon prediction card, detailing the implementation of the weapon prediction systems into our current games.


[ul][li]“Clean up bad references” has been checked off on the “Todo” checklist.[/li][/ul]


[ul][li]“Weapon base for FX” has been checked off on the “Todo” checklist.[/li][/ul]


What?! :open_mouth:

Just asking, how much does it take to port 1 weapon?

Basically, first I make a new weapon class. Then, I make a new material instance for the weapon because the old materials needed to be cleaned up (this is not the same as a texture, a material defines how the texture reacts to its environment, ie. is it metal, etc). After that, I put in the world model into the weapon and position it properly (same with the first person model). Then, I set all the properties of the weapon (how much ammo, clip size, fire rate, crosshair, icon, sounds, etc). I look at the old weapon system to get these values again. And then, I setup any special things about the weapon (most are just bullet shooters - nothing fancy). And finally, I save, compile, and test away - tuning as needed.

It is a pretty tedious process, but doesn’t take too long. I didn’t migrate any weapons today. We were deciding on the naming schemes and the overall design, plus I spent most of the day cleaning up the game, so we can actually start doing this conversion.


[ul][li]“Rework decal and weapon FX system” has been checked off on the “Todo” checklist.[/li][/ul]


[ul][li]“View model arm base” has been checked off on the “Todo” checklist.[/li][/ul]


The view model arm base is gonna be great because this will make any future weapons easier to animate!

I see my hand now

[ul][li]“Migrate Virus weapon: 9mm” has been checked off on the “Todo” checklist.[/li][li]“New weapon materials” has been checked off on the “Todo” checklist.[/li][/ul]



[ul][li]“Migrate Virus weapon: Sci-fi Handgun” has been checked off on the “Todo” checklist.[/li][/ul]


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[ul][li]“Migrate Virus weapon: Flak Handcannon” has been checked off on the “Todo” checklist.[/li][/ul]


BOT PLS! VIRUS WINNING US I can see my hand and actually reload!! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: