Weapon balance suggestions

Hi, concurrent player here.
I’ve been playing Virus a lot recently (trying to get Rank 1000 at least lol) and I’ve been thinking about some weapon balance/changes that would benefit the gamemode and make it a bit more fair and/or consistent in my opinion.

1. Increase the Sonic Shotgun clip size back to 6 or improve damage/spread:

  • Compared to the Double Barrel, this weapon kinda underperforms with the current clip size, how the bullets spread and the reload speed it has; most of the time you aim point blank at a medium~short distance and all 4 of the shots don’t even fully kill the infected, I think it would benefit it overall if the clip size was adjusted back to 6 like it was before. Its potential damage is good, but it’s super inconsistent in practical use in my own experience, being host or not.

2. Decrease the Tommy Gun’s clip size to ~50 and/or reduce its damage a bit:

  • This weapon currently is insane, 90% of the time on an 8+ player lobby, the infected(s) don’t even have a chance to get near if multiple people aim at them with this gun, it’s super cheap to use for how much damage it does, even with loadouts with stingy ammo.

3. Move Flak Cannon to Slot 4 pool:

  • Currently a Slot 2 weapon (Handguns), I think it’d be better if it is in the same pool as TNT and Crossbow due to the sheer power of it (this is the only weapon who can insta-kill an enraged infected with good aim+timing reliably). Currently it’s random if it appears or not in the loadout, it can be kinda unfair to the infected if your loadout has multiple insta-kill weapons (i.e. you can start w/Double Barrel + Flak + Laser Rifle + Crossbow, this change would decrease the options by one at least).

4. Increase total ammo for both 9MM and Sci-fi Handgun (see point 3) or make them have separate ammo count:

  • If the point above would be made, then this should net the ammo loss overall, Dual Silencers are good with the current ammo count, and the damage of all the handguns is good.
  • EDIT: Just noticed that both these weapons share the same ammo, wouldn’t it be better to have them get separate ammo kind? Doesn’t make sense to have only 52 bullets shared between these weapons if you can spawn with both at the same time.

I think that’s all my suggestions for this gamemode, if you read this and you played Virus for a while, please give your opinion on the current weapon balance and/or my suggestions, I’d like to read what others have to say, experienced players or not.

I don’t play enough Virus to have a strong opinion on most of these balance-wise, but moving the Flak Cannon over to the TNT and Crossbow section would be nice, as someone who mainly uses those as last resort panic weapons.


I would like the tommy gun to have a 50-round drum purely for historical accuracy.