Ways to improve Planet Panic

I’m terrible at making introductions to my posts so here we go

Different powerups that spawn around the map, adding to the “wacky” feel of the gameworld and making it more fun overal. Preferably something gameplay-changing, not a simple boost. Alternative weapons would work well IMO. (Shotgun, sniper, hookshot, etc)

Simple structures that propel you in a certain direction, similiar to the ones found in Ball race.

Rechargable RMB ability
Press RMB to charge in the direction you’re facing. Instant fun. This is something the gamemode really needs IMO. Some sort of a special manouver that would make Planet panic unique. Perhaps include special power ups that change this move to something else, like a temporal shield or something.

Better death screen
Pretty sure this is already planned TBH

Leaving a player out of a round in order to make it balanced
Now this is propably going to be controversial, but I think that if the game can’t balance the teams out, few people should be left out of the round. The people left out would change each round to allow everyone to play. (Example: If there are 3 players connected to a PP server, the game would leave one of them out of the game each round, making it a 1v1, not a 1v2)

Altering the maps to allow for more parkour, jumps, etc

And propably the most game-altering:
A third, or perhaps even a fourth team
Canture-the-flags gamemodes are always fun with more teams. It adds more strategy to the experience and makes the game more enjoyable. It would also help the gameworld stand out.


I fo like the idea of powerups, it adds to the hectic gameplay Planet Panic is trying to achieve. But parkour would slow the game down, and with full auto 3-hit kill guns and 2 minute timer, I doubt it would be a very good idea. And the maps are just too small for speed boosts and 3-4 teams; they would just make it overwhelming.

There is just one map that can be changed, it’s not set in stone

parkour= some slopes you can use or something, not full blown wallrunning

can be changed

IMO, I don’t really think leaving players out would be the best way to balance things; forcing players to spectate will probably just make them not want to play the game at all.
I did have an idea where both motherships would beam down little dog/cat robots during the round (they’d be like one of those miniature windup robots but with cat/dog heads replacing the robot body), who would wander around for orbs and bring them back to the team’s base, and more of them would be deployed to the team that had less players. They’d be weak though, killable in one shot and they can only hold one orb at a time.

Other than the fact that RMB’s already used to drop orbs, a pretty good idea. Maybe one that lets you shoot all of your held orbs across the map (to a teammate, or to your home base)?

Personally, though, I think the main problem is that after one team gets a majority of the orbs, it just gets too campy, since the winning team’s just at their base shooting at anyone that comes near. Either an incentive to keep moving or having the orbs in the center replenish over time could work.

maybe after 25 kills you get a tactical nuke


I 100% agree with everything except


Planet Panic feels like a concept still. having these ideas thrown around is great!

Since we only have one really basic map, it’s difficult to lay out some hard criticism, but I think it might be good to have some one-way routes in or out of the “base”.

For example, on a new map, there could be a ramp that makes it really easy to penetrate the enemy’s side of the map to the ball pit, but it could be hard to make it back out, or vice versa where it’s hard to get to the pit when guarded, but once you do, there’s a booster or cannon that launches you halfway across the map.

I think my big issue is that once one team can get a large majority of the balls early on in the match, they can go full defense and just camp the pit, making sure no one can get near it. There needs to be a way to bust that.