Way to disable the "Alert" sound when taking damage

Either as an option in the settings, or on Damage Volumes.

I personally don’t think the sound fits outside of minigames. Feels like i’m a robot or wearing a set of power armour.

I think it should be something like a “damage sound type” setting in the volume, some examples for “damage sounds” could be:

Singe - a burning sound fit for fire or acid.

Slice - a gory type noise for getting cut

Squib - a gory type noise for getting stabbed

Bubbles - a sound of gargling or bubbles fit for drowning

Impact - a sound of impacting the ground, fit for fall damage, or for slamming into something


An option to disable this entirely would still be useful though. New sounds could definitely be added, but if someone just doesn’t want any sound for taking damage, the initial suggestion would be a perfect solution.

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