What if you could use waterguns in plaza and in condos and spray on each other :smiley:

Just a simple little idea i got…

Imagine people shooting with waterguns and it would leave a mark with water…

Shooting on cloth would make that area wet.

Just a little something atlease :slight_smile:


What would be the point of this? I can see it’s fun, but it’s novelty would wear off quite quickly.

It’d be fun for an hour, then devolve into a method of being an annoyance to others.

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You could turn the effects of or they could just enable it in the condos

Btw its as annoying as the grafitti gun… (Sry bad english)

You mean spray images on GMod? Those are donor only if I recall correctly, and offensive sprays are a bannable offense.
A toggleable option for it would make it bearable, but I still don’t like the idea of being visibly soaked for others if someone randomly decides to keep spraying me.

No -.- Im using it without Donor… And its not the spray thing… you can buy it at store

I think you mean the confetti gun?

The confetti gun doesn’t leave marks on other players. That said, I’d be fine with a water gun as long as it didn’t make a visible difference on players.

Even if I can toggle it off, I don’t want others seeing me as wet just because some random guy decided to hose me down.

I know, but I think that’s what Butter’s meant when he said “annoying gun”

I think Butters means the snowballs. I guess they’re annoying, but they’re not much of an issue since they’re only available in the winter. Limited-ammo water guns during summer events, maybe?

I’d be happy with any toy gun, be it water, nerf, airsoft or whatever. Could build arena condos and have battles and stuff, or turn the plaza into a flashpoint.

warning: do not point at eyes or face


Something like Nerf guns would be cool, if you could have a Nerf gun battle with your friends in someones condo or somewhere.

I also love the idea of confetti gun and water gun. Water guns could be used near the pool/water slides, would be fun.

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