Water Cooler crash

My version:

when placing down the “water cooler” model when another player is in the condo, the game crashes. it crashes from the Water coolers “water bottle” on top of the model.

Steps to Reproduce

1.) place down the Water cooler model when another player is in your condo
2.) your game will crash

What I expected to happen

no crashes

What happened

it crashed

my CPU is: AMD Ryzen 7800x
my GPU is: Nvidia RTX 3060
32GB DDR4 Ram speed is 3600MGHz

the crash happens constantly from my testing with my specs as long as there is another player in your condo at the time you place it down or at the time you re-enable the “water bottle” part of the model

Notes / Media

Other misc. notes about the bug. Picture or videos are appreciated!