Warning: My Steam Account was hacked


I’m an idiot cause I believed some fake Steam Admin when he said he could permanently remove my account on steam without realizing Steam Admin accounts don’t exist. I know I have a lot of you people on my friends list, so this is a warning. If you receive a message from me telling you to do ANYTHING, even if you think it’s completely harmless. Do not do anything I say, don’t even respond whatsoever.
I’ve contacted steam support, and I will post again once (if) my account is recovered.

Another warning: If you find yourself talking to a “Steam Admin” on steam, do not do anything they say. They may or may not send a video of them having access to delete your account (This is the main reason I fell for this). Don’t fall for this either

P.S.: This is the guy that stole my account. To anyone reading this, report him. He must be banned.


oh god, i feel so bad for you man


There are Steam Developer(sort of admin) accounts, but they have the official Valve Employee badge and on Discussions an icon of Valve appears next to their names. And naturally they don’t need your details since any real admins of anything would have access anyway.
Steam also has volunteer moderators but that’s for the discussions only and they have no access to accounts etc.
Hope you get your account back and learned so it’ll never happen again, Steam accounts can be worth heaps so making sure security is 100% frequently is worth every effort.


I got a similar scam from somebody, they hacked a friends account and another one claiming to be an admin basically told me that I needed to give him some thing or my account would be banned. Then the hacked account acted like a concerned friend and encouraged me to not get banned and stuff. I didn’t fall for it tho.


if only the plot of this was that you sent him this image
(hopefully you can retrieve your account)