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The title pretty much explains everything. I recently went about recording a video in TU and I realized that the only way to move at a slow pace was to shrink yourself or crouch. For the most part, this isn’t a problem at all (in fact, the lack of speed boosting items is probably something that needs to be fixed first). However, there is something nice about being able to stop running around and just calmly walk (not to mention how helpful it would be for the video I was talking about). Back in GMT, there was even a nice walk cycle for this.

In any case, all I ask for here is that there be some button (such as left ALT) that when held (or pressed to toggle, whichever works) causes your character to stroll at a leisurely pace. Ideally, there would be a walk cycle that accompanies this as well. What are your thoughts?

  • We need to be able to walk!
  • Walking would be a nice feature.
  • I don’t really have any opinion on this.
  • Adding this wouldn’t be a great use of time.
  • Walking would be a horrible addition!

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I wasn’t even aware we couldn’t walk. I play with an XBox controller and can control my speed with that thing.

But yeah, it sounds like alt-walking is a pretty vital feature that just wasn’t added yet because we all collectively forgot about it.


Make everyone sprint by default and press shift to walk normally.

I would only like that if it was an option you can toggle on/off. Sprinting might be too quick in some instances.

Yes please! I just want to admire the scenery and just get lost in this amazing game!