Waiting for gamemode to start activities

In GMT we had the pre-match holes for minigolf when waiting for everyone to join. I’d love to see these re-implemented but also for other gamemodes it could be a possibility. This is what I thought of:

For Minigolf: waiting-holes (I don’t really know what to call them)
For Ballrace: A part of course with all kinds of obstacles which you can choose from but without finish
For Planet Panic: A deathmatch without orbs
For Virus: A deathmatch without infected

You would enter the pre-match phase as soon as you press ready. Let me know what you guys think.


I’ve noticed that some of the maps for Minigolf do have the practise hole at the beginning, but it doesn’t work during waiting for players.


These maps were used during the early alphas when practice was still a thing. When the ready up system was put into place, they kind of became useless since you never really get to play in them.

I personally think there should be a way to bring them back - probably take the player there after the user has pressed ready on the waiting for players prompt. :grinning:


For virus or planet panic they need 4 players to start the game so maybe they can practice while waiting. I do find it annoying when you have 3/4 players and it is such a boring wait.