Wait what I'm a regular

I’m Xicious and I’m fairly regular. This place is pretty fun.

Welcome aboard! :ship:

Welcome, Xicious! Also welcome to the micro-moderator agency of the pixeltail games forums!

Hi! @Xicious. Welcome to the PixelTail Forum Military. :smile:


I wish I could join the Cool Kids!

You will, some day, don’t worry ^.^

Some day I will enter my cocoon and emerge as a beautiful regular.

Play forum games, it’s like cheating!

Yeah but forum games are a terrible way to earn likes. Unless you post in the GIF describing thread, there you gotta post a super true description and get 5+ likes on one post. But I don’t know, 97% of my likes were earned simply from posting alot.

I post a decent amount. A couple posts every day or so, when the forum is moderately active.
EDIT: I have never made a thread, though. Maybe that’s why.

Doge welcomes you! z :wolf: