[W.I.P] The GMod Tower Music Megathread


This thread is about the music we can find that is used in GMod Tower and it’s gamemodes.
Feel free to suggest. :new_moon_with_face:


Round Play 1 TimeSplitters 2 - Scrapyard
Round Play 3 TimeSpliters Future Perfect - What Lies Below - Attack
Last Survivor TimeSplitters Future Perfect - Virtual Tileset
Infected Win TimeSplitters 2 - Mission Failed
Survivors Win TimeSplitters 2 - Mission Success

Ball Race

Bonus Round Super Monkey Ball - Bonus Stage
Sand World Kirby Air Ride - Sky Sands

PVP Battle

Meadows Metal Gear Solid 3 - Snake Eater (instrumental)


It’s Sandworld lol :laughing:


#Lobby / Entertainment Plaza / Pool





I have a ZIP file I recieved from somewhere or another with a lightly sorted lsit of every track featured in the GMT gamemodes. I am putting it on Dropbox for the sake of this list.

EDIT: While I’ll still be doing this, you might want to check out this thread from the original GMT forums, wherin most or every song used was linked. Be sure to scroll past OP, because theres more than just that.
EDIT2: Yeah I’ve decided against uploading this. It’s basically piracy. Just check those lists out.


Last survivor theme, also my most favorite one


I needed this


I made a thread a while back releasing all the GMTower sounds & music that could be found in the addons.

You can find it here.


Ball race bonus stage:


missing one of the good ones


Didn’t see these ones in here from various trailers.

Source Karts VIP Trailer:

GMT Summer 2015 Trailer:

GMT Play Today Trailer:

Lobby 2 Reveal (My Favourite Song):


Nice Super Necro


Correction, it’s a remix of scrapyard

Oh, here is that one Virus track that was not on the original forum post




Ice World:

Virus Music 2:

PVP: The Pit


Some of the minigolf music

https://soundcloud.com/nino-mojo/video-trailer-master-v3 < 0:42


Virus: Waiting Music


The second track that plays when you are last survivor

The stinger sound effect is in that track as well, but it can be easily heard in this version of the track https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=isdrlj34NuQ


I would like to say this post is dead and won’t be updated anymore since a long time.