(W.I.P) Lego Parkour


Hi, I’ve been working on a Lego parkour map and wanted to show off my current progress so far.






Looks like the maps from the good ol’ Counter-Strike days!

Very neat, now we only need to be able to disable jetpacks in condos and it will be even better :slight_smile:


I had the same idea making a parkour. but i decieded to make something else. I still like it tho.


Yeah I forgot to mention that I was inspired by CS Lego Maps, mainly Bhop maps I took inspiration from. I was also thinking about disabling jetpacks for condos. For now I’m gonna create a poster saying ‘no jetpacks’.


Finished with the cave timelapse video. https://youtu.be/lXB9fVMGRPA. Here’s an additional screen shot of the progress:


Well done, I’ll have to come over and try it!


Thanks :slight_smile: Once I have a good amount of the map finished, I will be setting it to public more often. Running out of canvases aswell so gonna have to begin bowling for moneys again. :bowling: