Vulkan Support?

While not released, Unreal Engine 4 has confirmed that it will support OpenGL Vulkan.

The team has already announced that they will be supporting DirectX 12 when it comes out, do you guys plan on doing the same for Vulkan?

For those that don’t know, and for the sake of not making a super long article, Vulkan operates pretty much the same as DirectX 12, albeit Vulkan is cross-platform unlike DirectX 12.

I’d think this will definitely be amazing if this gets added to Tower Unite at a later date. It’ll give people like Me (Who won’t be upgrading to Windows 10), and our Mac and Linux friends, the same-ish performance benefits as DirectX 12.


Possibly a stretch to put them that close.

Anyway, this suggestion is definitely required to give Linux fans the love they deserve, especially when claiming cross-platform.

Friendly bump with discussion of DirectX 12.

I believe you may be looking for this thread, m8

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