Vulkan API Implementation

Is the Vulkan API ever going be used for TU? The reason for asking this is because I don’t know if this is something that has been discussed earlier or if it is currently possible to do in UE4.

I would personally love to see Vulkan being used for Tower Unite instead of Direct3D, the reason being that Vulkan is supposed to deliver better performance. And seeing how the game loves to eat GPU usage, I bet it would help many people with performance issues.

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When Unreal Engine 4 allows the game to be built with Vulkan, I’m sure @Zak and @Foohy will pounce on that to try it out. However, you won’t see anything resembling rumblings about Tower Unite with Vulkan Support until Unreal Engine 4 officially supports it.

To add onto this, this isn’t a absolute guarantee that the game will have it by any means, but it’ll definitely be looked into by the team!

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Don’t know if Vulkan support was implemented yet, but it is coming for UE4.

Also Vulkan will be a thing soon. The Doom demo that Nvidia was showing off on their gtx 1080 was using Vulkan btw.

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Does the final consumer product support Vulkan as well, or is it coming later?

Vulkan is already a thing that is out of beta. It will take a quite a while for it to reach critical mass though.

@Caboose700 it’s available for public yeah. However there is not that much software that supports Vulkan that well. It will take a few years maybe until most drivers reached a high level of maturity. Also I have how well Unreal’s Vulkan implementation works so far.