VR Thread? VR Thread!

Exactly what the title says. This is for any and all discussion about the Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, Google Cardboard, Gear VR, PSVR, and Microsoft’s unnamed VR headset that we’ll probably be hearing about in the coming year. Not to be confused for AR (Augmented Reality, including Hololens or Google Glasses).

Please remember:

This is a new and emerging technology, and you shouldn’t attack others’ decisions because they bought a competitor’s device. Some feel the need to justify their position as having the “best” platform, but that’s not what this thread is for. It’s for the appreciation and discussion about all things VR, regardless of platform. It’s two sides of the same coin, guys. There are other forums out there for arguing about things.

Now that that’s out of the way, do you own a VR setup? Know someone who has one? Awesome! Feel free to talk about games as well, either on the Oculus store or SteamVR (Also worth mentioning, all games on SteamVR are now compatible with Oculus Touch, previously only compatible with the Vive’s controllers. Story here.).

So, what’s your two cents on VR?

i like vr but expensive

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Try Google Cardboard, it’s designed to be affordable. They sell kits for less than $10 that you build yourself (It’s super easy). You insert your phone into the completed headset and it splits your screen down the center, letting you view full stereoscopic 3D photos and videos.

yeah but you can only look around with google cardboard and phones dont have the processing power for good games

True, I just use it to introduce other people to the concept, really. It’s good as an introduction.

My friendo has an HTC Vive, I’ve toyed around with it and it’s some of the most fun I have ever had while playing games. It also was a surprising workout when I played some higher-action games, namingly Space Pirate Trainer (which was great fun). My favorite experience with the Vive is probably the fun I had with Rec Room, tons of fun and amazed me with its near flawless function. I played ping pong with someone all the way in California with almost no issues (the main issue we had was that we sucked at it; we were fetching the ball a lot).

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