VR Theme Switching

So, In the condo you should be able to get a headset in the game that allows you to travel to a set amount of places virtually like The Moon, The Lake, GmTower Lobby 1, NASA, The Outback (Australia), ETC. In these places you would be able to walk around do random things that have been set up and talk to NPC’s (maybe).

Hope You like the idea! Only if you have the Resources!

Nice idea! These places would be awesome for special events, although, aside from that, I can’t really see the purpose of doing it. Also, could you elaborate on:

I think he means that you can only use this feature if you have a Virtual Reality peripheral device

Oh, well then no. Having a certain part of a game that you can only access with certain peripheral devices is quite frustrating.

i said that for the developers what i meant to say was if they have the resources and time to do it they can! XD