Voting on Suggestions on mobile


It doesn’t work. Try as I might as precise as possible, I cannot tap on the Vote button, only the vote count above or the thread subject below. Idk if this anything within your power to fix or if it’s the way the forums are coded.


Moved to meta; this topic is about the forums, not the game


Thanks. I didn’t really know where it belonged lol


I use this on mobile after school and it works fine.


I use mobile all the time. Works fine for me!


I’ve never been able to… What browser is everyone using?


Safari. (On iPhone)


Hmm. Using Chrome on Android


Chrome on iOS.


I have problems with this on my Nexus 6p.


Works for me and i use chrome on android.


chrome on android works fine


I have a Nexus 5X… wonder if it’s a Nexus thing :thinking:


Definitely a pattern.