Votemap when the Game World server has finished

This would be a really nice feature. Instead of “Reconnecting to Lobby”, you could vote if you wanna restart the game with the same map or with another map of that Game World.


Okay so my first thoughts on this: If people could just vote to restart the map or another map how ould other players connect?
Then I thought “Oh, if people disconnected than people in the Plaza could take their place.”
But how would it deal with afks? Because if you were to get a group of friends or alt accounts you could just set up auto-clickers constantly restartung the map and just idle for Units. I know its not a lot of Units but still.

Maybe a kind of “Play again?” Button.

So if you want to stop you can

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Yeah, that’s the point.

And when you press it, you can vote a map :slight_smile: