Vote to move the roller coaster to the new beach and add the slide back

I think the water slide fit that area better And that the roller coaster should be moved to the new area so there is more stuff over there vote if you agree

While I like the location of the coaster now, I would love the slides to return. Maybe near the new plaza area?


As i thing the water slide would be awesome, I think it should be placed somewhere else if it was to make a return, Maybe even to the new beach area.
This is because the area the roller-coaster is in fits well because it is the grand beach walk where fairground rides and attractions should be placed, Such an example as well is the Wheel.

If they were to move the coaster, I think it would be more to place other rides in the area to keep it to a fair ground theme park style.

The water slide would also fit better by the new beach area as it is more localized to the water aspect by having a beach there and therefore having a pool near the beach houses would make more sense than on a pier.
Imagine having the pool and water slide built into the rocks! That i think would make it a more suited place behind the make shops because there is a lot of space that can be used to make it more of a water world.
Just my opinion of course. But i thought iā€™d chuck it in,

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