Vote Limit?

I noticed that when I try to vote for a suggestion, the vote button is replaced with a blue box that that says “limit” on it.
I’m guessing this means I have reached my vote limit.
If you reach the limit, will you ever get more votes, or do you can you only use a certain amount of votes forever? And, if you ever get more votes, when?

I was under the impression it would refresh every day. But I’ve been at my ‘LIMIT’ for 3 days now. So it might be bugged?

I set the limit to 2,000,000,000,000 votes.


But why not more?..
…Anyway, thanks a lot Mac!

Are you sure you needed that many votes?

If the community lives long and proud, then yeah.

2 trillion @macdguy, that’s insane. :dizzy_face:

Is this the amount of likes I need to give in a day to get that Out of Love badge?
I am pretty sure I do :smirk:

I’m just imagining the forum bugging out because of it and giving everyone minus votes.

Ghandi has declared war on you.