Volt Nightclub Events!

Hello everyone!
While thinking of what could be added next to the game, I saw the post about making the Volt Night Club become an active with a minigame such as a dance machine. However i read it and got a couple ideas for a separate post as its unquie

Concerts - These would be pre organised events that would allow musicians and comedians to do a show on the stage at a certain time (Whitelisted on stage) and would be shown outside on an event calendar.
You wouldn’t get any points and it would be strictly entertainment value which people then can come watch you do your thing which would be good for people who enjoy entertainment as a hobby and want to promote their selves through the game!
An example of a game that also does this is AltSpaceVR and the atmosphere is amazing, It would be awesome to see it be able to be implemented in this game!

Next thing is Karaoke!
Karaoke should be added where players can sing for points and a crowd like at a bar.
There will be a list of songs with the lyrics and using the mic, you will have to get as close to the note as possible on the screen which it will show you. People can watch you but only one person will be doing Karaoke at a time.
Karaoke will not be playable for about an hour before a concert or event using a stage due to preparing and during the concert

Let me know what you think and be sure to develop the idea as you wish!



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