Visiting Other People's Condos When They Are Offline?


I couldn’t find any thread about this, so apologies if I missed it (also sorry if this would belong better in the suggestions thread), but are there any plans to include the ability to visit condo’s of people when they are offline? Like a setting that could be implemented for someone’s condo that would allow you to toggle whether or not someone can view your condo when you are offline?

It’s really cool seeing a lot of people’s condo’s in the community showcase, but obviously it’s unreasonable for them to be online at all times in their condos to allow people to check it out for themselves, so I feel it would be great to be able to look at their builds when they are offline. Certainly the logistics may be a bit odd, considering if someone joins a condo, they would be a host, but if the owner joins afterwards, they technically wouldn’t be the host, thus they could have a low ping in their own condo?

In any case, I’m just curious if this is an idea that has been tossed around, or if it’s maybe too complex to implement or that community condos are looking to bridge that sort of gap.


I was litterally about to post this, but i had an idea!

Community tab:

You can save your condo and put it into the community tab. People can come in your condo all they like, and they can Like or Dislike your condo, there could be a ranking for condos, and there could even be condo events, for example best christmas themed condo wins 2M units


Soooo this is definitely the goal here. Community Condos is nice, you can host a dedicated server, but what if you didn’t want to do that all the time and also you just want to preserve your condo somewhere and get ratings on it and let anyone view it (not edit it).

That’s where Workshop Condos come into play. You’ll be able to upload the snapshot of your Condo to Workshop and let other players load it, play in it, and rate it. Of course, Workshop Condos cannot be edited.