Visibility Slider for All Items

Searched “visible”, “invisible”, and “visibility” and couldn’t find this suggested before.

Right now only some items have a visibility slider. The only one I’m aware of is “Glass Wall”, but there might be more. The ability to make anything invisible could be used in a variety of ways, such as making invisible teleporters (Especially useful for condo games) or making anything a chair, by putting an invisible chair on top of whatever you wanted people to be able to sit on. I’m sure people could come up with a bunch of more interesting ways to use it, those are just off the top of my head.

Alternatively it could be a hotbar tool like the Duplicator instead of an edit slider, but I think an edit slider would be better.

If that’s going to be a thing, then we also need a management option once Community Condos come out to be able to allow or not the possibility for other people to change visibility of objects.

Wouldn’t an option to lock items from other players, or lock all your placed items from other players, be better? If you’re adding people you don’t trust to be able to edit your condo they can grief your build in a lot more effective ways than just making things invisible.

Yes that is already a planned option. But I am sure that people that you trust will still have fun making your things disappear lol.