Virus with the GMT Virus soundtrack

Before any of you unepic gamers say “why are your frames so bad lol” This is meant to be a recreation of gmod tower, so its Supposed to be laggy.

No but in all seriousness, here’s a few rounds of Tower Unite virus with the gmod tower ost. Enjoy.


GMT sure looks different


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i love it, really shows how different songs give different feels, tu songs have this electronic vibe to them which i personally find less scary sounding than the timesplitters ghostly choir kinda sounds

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Thanks link!

why are your frames so bad lol


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how dare you

Honestly though, Virus has a pretty different feel with Timesplitters music, though personally, between Timesplitters or TU’s soundtrack, I don’t know which is better.

I prefer towers, honestly, i would appreciate grittier music in the future, however, (for virus)

Pretty interesting. I’d never heard the GMT virus soundtrack, but I do like the vibe it goes for. I’d say TU’s soundtrack fits the game more, and I prefer the high intensity beats over the slower, more dramatic tone of the GMT soundtrack.


The Virus OST is DOOM-level rockin’ beats