Virus Tip #1


Actually, groups are pretty key to winning a Virus match. What you really want to do is make sure your group is spread out enough to prevent flash chain reactions.


I agree with EvKem, but there is merit to staying separate from everyone else. It’s risky, as you have no backup for when you miss your shots, but you also are less likely to be hunted as groups tend to attract more attention. I’ve gone lone wolf plenty of times in both GMT and TU: sometimes it works flawlessly and you still end up with a decent score, and sometimes you end up infected with no one to blame but yourself.

Groups are safer, but they can also fall apart much faster from chain reactions; plus, the aforementioned attention means that there will be more pressure put on groups than on single people. In fact, I’ve had problems where people unintentionally block my shots and my ammo ends up wasted. I don’t think there’s a dominant strategy here; there’s definitely safety in numbers, but if you think you’re a good enough shot and have some evasive moves, going solo is not a bad option.