[Virus] Switch to last used weapon after injecting Adrenaline

Would be much more convenient. GMod Tower had this feature too, so why shouldn’t Tower Unite?


I’m guessing this was intended to be done but hasn’t been done yet. Either way, +1. We could really use it.

Honestly, I feel like adrenaline should just be removed from your list of weapons and become an “ability” that you only use by pressing C.

I say this because I usually like to keep a handgun + rifle or shotgun in each quickswitch “slot” for when you press Q, and I hate how using adrenaline completely throws a wrench in it.

In place of this, maybe put an icon in the corner of the screen by your ammo. I feel like this would also be a significant improvement because as of right now, new players probably have no way to learn on their own that C is the adrenaline button other than seeing it on the controls menu, so this would teach them.

Also weapon’s should have a visual indicator on the menu when they’re out of ammo.

I’ve made a quick and dirty mock up of what this could look like:


I don’t mind it being there all that much, but having that tooltip in the bottom right would be helpful

I like this thread, but what REALLY pisses me off is that people don’t use it ENOUGH. I’ve seen tons of games where people are simply swarmed when running away because they dont know about the adrenaline, which I just find sad.