Virus - Radar Disruption (Infected Buff)

Hey. I’m back with another suggestion for the beloved Infected, in Virus. So, as of currently; we’ve got the both the survivors alongside the Infected on similar payouts (just to note; Biohazard - Infected other survivors [3 Max] is currently not at the suggested amount until further notice. It currently sits at 10 units x 3 max infections whereas the total amount will eventually be upped back to 25 units x 3) which has helped combat against some AFK action.

We’ve got still plenty of work to do, however. Well, the developers do; we can only suggest what we hope could be adjusted/removed/added to help improve the gameplay.

Playing Virus last night, it was brought to my attention that while the infected currently don’t have any ‘alpha’ health mode or ‘enraged’ mode active, one particular element got me thinking about we could perhaps introduce some more tension to the mode overall and make it both funner for both the Infected and Survivors.

Radar Disruption (or rather, minimap disruption)!


Yes! Radar Disruption is the new leading technology, used by the pesky Infected against those Survivors.

Wait… okay, but what is it for the mode?

Radar Disruption is one of the many buffs that could be applied for the Infection to aid them in their hunt for their prey. Radar Disruption is essentially the disabling of the Rader/Minimap for the survivors once a number of seconds in that round have passed, again; an effort to combat camping in Virus and to encourage survivors to be on their feet.

Sounds fine… but wait, why should the infected get this buff?!

I’m glad you asked. Currently, the infected suffer from having no ‘Alpha’ or ‘Enraged’ abilities after dying set number of times. While we could wait out those changes some time, for now and perhaps if it goes well; the removal of the radar for the Survivors after 45 seconds has passed could lead to some intense action, survivors having to move on their feet as their TNT explodes, the only hint the survivors should have to the whereabouts of the Infected are 45 seconds should be the aura of green emitting from around them. The infected need some kind of tactical advantage to catch out unsuspecting survivors as they make their escape through the halls or desert or whatever other maps make it into the game (side note: something snowy based would be awesome!).

What’s in it for the Survivors? YOU SAID IT WOULD BENEFIT BOTH!

The sheer increase in tension and excitement as you lose that radar advantage, the survivors won’t know what’ll hit them if they don’t keep moving. The survivors are already on payouts of 500/400/300 units whereas the infected are only just recently getting above the 300 mark. The survivors still get to keep all of their fancy sonic push upgrades alongside the adrenaline. They’re just gonna lose one of their tactical tools that is frankly OP in it’s current state, rather than remove the radar completely; it would definitely be of benefit to the Infected (help create some advantage against the survivors as time progresses) while the Survivors can continue to keep their huge payouts while their nerves kick in as the game progresses.


Uh, I’m the one answering questions here but okay, imagine this: You’re in a full lobby, you’re playing on Hospital, the infected is chosen and they’re tasked to hunt you down through these halls. 1 by 1, your team is infected. Oh no! 45 seconds have passed and the infected have kicked in the Radar Disruption… the survivors are now shooting in the dark. No Radar of the infected nor their own fellow survivors, just themselves, in the hall. The infected are now using this absence of radar to their advantage, clawing at the remaining survivors left, right… you’re the final survivor… the clock has 15 seconds on it, you’ve got no radar, low on ammo and you need to survive… you’re gonna have to use your wits and accuracy in taking down any infected that get ahead of you… behind you… BESIDE you! Will the survivor successfully outrun the infected? Perhaps. Will they know from which directions these pesky infected will emerge from? NO CHANCE IN HELL.

Feel free to offer some input on this suggestion, i’d love to hear what the community has to say on it. We don’t want to completely change up the game of Virus, no. But, we do want the game to be fair, not just in terms of payout but in actual gameplay too. I don’t believe removing the radar from the survivors after 45 seconds would harm the gameplay at all, in-fact, it would create some immersion that the survivors really do have to work together to take down any oncoming, sneaky infected rather than just sit in the corner with some TNT for the whole game and watch their radar/minimap.


Infected don’t need buffs. I’m tired of seeing all these posts. If infected was made easier everyone would be infected every round making no money. Anyways, I’ve been in plenty of matches where the infected constantly wipes out everyone. Mix up your running path, play more safe instead of running right into the survivors. I’m pretty sure it’s already confirmed that enrage will be a thing so that’s one buff for ya.

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I’ve not seen anyone suggest the possible ‘disruption’ of the radar. The mode is geared towards team-work, this team-work should apply to both the survivors and infected. Honestly; Survivors don’t usually work with each other at all. In-fact, you’re more likely to get baited into becoming infected so that the remaining survivor(s) can top you and take on the unit reward.

I’m not saying that the infected can’t wipe out the survivors, but it does get slightly annoying when the survivor has full radar coverage at all times. I don’t think the suggestion is entirely wrong. 45 seconds is fair enough. If you’re tried of viewing or seeing these kind of posts, it wouldn’t hurt to just NOT view them, honestly. I welcome your feedback, however. :slight_smile:

I do like the idea, I’ve been in soo many games where it’s just 1 infected and he/she can’t quite get anyone, I find those rounds super boring to be the survivor in, but that’s just me.

The enrage buff will help a lot when it comes (still not sure what it does though xD ). But with this, maybe it should not activate if there are a certain amount of infected? like, go past 3 then the disruption thingy wont activate. But yeah, i like it, would add a whole lot of immersion, but I can also understand why people wouldn’t want it, if you get infected you’ve essentially lost as the goal is to stay uninfected, so giving the infected extra stuff might not be so good, idk lol xD

And now I’m just talking out my ass so ill stop now :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve seen this type of thing in another game, I forgot what it was though… I think it was called the Hidden, not 100% sure though

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The concept behind the Radar Disruption is the assist the infected in two ways:

  1. If there is looking like there is zero hope in infecting Survivors because of their tactical awareness, the disruption of the radar for the survivors will allow the infected to prepare their attacks unknowingly, putting the survivors in a position to try stay on their toes at all times.

  2. Combat against camping in a corner with TNT. People complain about the camping in corners with the TNT, plus, having the survivors full aware of the infected as they approach the corner is quite difficult at times. If there is no radar in the last 45 seconds, survivors will need to ensure they’ve got each others backs.

I’m sure some kind of radar disruption limit could be implemented to give the remaining survivors some kind of tactical awareness, though; at it’s current state, the radar/minimap is OP.

Thanks for your feedback, though. I enjoy reading it. :slight_smile:

I’m not a big fan of this. If anything, the radar would have to be removed at the beginning and given back later in the round to aid in the initial infecting process. The biggest problem with Virus right now is that it’s hard to get the first infections going. As more players become infected, the tables turn against the survivors who suddenly have a lot more enemies to worry about. Virus is a game about everything falling apart as time progresses, but sometimes the first infected isn’t able to begin the chain reaction early enough, which is what future changes are aiming to fix.

Good input. I still do believe that another heavy issue with Virus also lies with the survivors too. The survivors are too keen on camping due to the complete full radar coverage, which is encouraging corner stacking.

I’ve been thinking about enraged quite a bit.

It doesn’t truly solve the issue. It only slows the issue down.

I’m warming up to this idea where the radar does not work until there’s two infected. Would definitely make the first infected harder to spot, but again only solves it a little.

I’m still thinking about it.


Would it not be possible to implement the same system that you’re referring to but have to handled by the ratio of players? Like, for example:

8 players, 1 starts as infected. Once there has been 4 survivors infected, the remaining 4 survivors have their radar system enabled.

12 players, 1 starts as infected. Once there has been 6 survivors infected, the remaining 6 survivors have their radar system enabled.

Essentially, I’m suggesting that if we couldn’t do the radar disruption, perhaps we could do it based on the number of survivors remaining. 50% of the remaining survivors are granted their radar to assist them in their desperate struggle to survive.

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