Virus queuing screwed up

Dunno what happened to the queuing in Virus (haven’t seen this on other gamemodes), but even though there is a game running in Virus atm, it spontaneously switches from the time left/round board to the no game running board. When it switches to no game running board, it lets us vote on maps. However, because there is already a game still running in Virus, it doesn’t actually transfer us to the Virus server. Please someone get this resolved.

Another reason why I can’t wait for TU

Yeah, it has been bugged all day pretty much. The same thing was happening for Minigolf/UCH.

It’s good that they’re moving to UE4. Source is just so outdated now.

@ZachTheMan Happens often, I’m usually the one that goes and fixes it, but I got work in 30 minutes. So whoever were the main queue players (you most likely) you have to go and join the virus server directly as you are one of the main queuied BEFORE it bugged out. It should let you join the virus server direct and once you’re in, just rejoin tower & it should be fixed. However if it doesn’t let you join the server direct, you’ll have to requeue and try it again. If its still broken by the time I get off work (hopefully not), I will fix it really quick.