Virus Milestone: 9mm for Condo/Lobby

Suggestion: Make the 9mm Pistol a milestone items similar to the Double Barrel.

It makes sense why the double barrel was selected, its a fan favorite and satisfying to use. However I’d argue the 9mm would make an excellent addition to the Virus Milestone items.

  • It would make a great early milestone leading up to the double barrel
  • It is one of TU’s best looking and most satisfying FPS models to date Subjective of course
  • Since the Double Barrel has already been translated to a Milestone item the 9mm should be relatively easy/quick to implement Assumption
  • There is not a current or planned traditional pistol to fill its role for lobby/condo

Frankly I believe it would compliment the Double Barrel greatly. Gun shenanigans are bound to occur in condos once Milestones drop and I think we should have a representative for pistols.

I’d love to have either an equippable 9mm or Revolver to replace my confetti guns, as I feel they’re fantastic and satisfying guns that are underused.

If any Devs have any thoughts or already decided against this, please let me know! Anyone in the community agree or disagree share your thoughts!

What if every single Virus (or maybe even SDNL and ZM) weapon became a milestone?

I believe this is already a thing.

Edit: It is.


I was assuming that would be a Virus upgrade rather than a Lobby/Condo item.

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Yea as rrmm said, I believe that listing is an upgrade to be used inside Virus. Its not marked equippable like the Double Barrel. I was suggesting we get a 9mm outside of Virus like the Double Barrel.

I could be misunderstanding though.

It’s a Lobby Item.


Nice! Thanks you!

misleading description then :thinking:
“Place your standard 9MM with an expensive one”

I think having a golden 9mm in virus would be really cool

The Gold 9MM is not a condo item, it’s an upgrade for Virus, giving you a golden 9MM.

So actually there is no 9MM item for Lobby/Condo, but I can easily add it.

The descriptions for the milestones aren’t done, but the tags should all be accurate.


Oh ok. I was wondering why the descriptions were different. Please do add it if it wouldn’t be an intensive process! Like I said, the 9mm and the revolver are fantastic models that deserve more of a spotlight!

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