Virus first zombie undetectable by raday/mini map


I have been playing a lot of the ‘virus’ gamemode on tower unite, I have found through my many hours of playing this gamemode that the first zombie is most of the time hunted by the survivors and so puts the first zombie at a diss-advantage. I feel that a good way to counter this would be that the first zombie does not appear on the radar/minimap making them more of a threat and can also make it more fun for the survivours as he can get them at anytime. I feel that this is not making the first zombie overpowered and is more to balance him out but as soon as he infects another survivour it resets and shows both of them on the radar. Thanks for reading!(sorry for any grammar mistakes or errors):grinning:


This is a very good idea, the first infected always has a hard time, especially when they have to play against coordinated people.

To be fair, I still think the first infected should be even a bit stronger in some way, because if you play against really coordinated people they might just camp the few paths you can come through and well… that’s that. You have no chance.

Maybe also give the first infected the ability to jump, so he can dodge some bullets?


This is why the first zombie becomes enraged, he can survive a TNT in that state.


Oh, I was not aware of that. In that case, I’m happy they’re already taking this sort of stuff into consideration.


the enraged state is a step in the right direction but I have had many matches where the first zombie is still hunted in the enraged state so by making them stronger in the enraged state + undetectable by radar would make him a threat that would deter people from hunting them down contentiously.