Virus Desertion Remaster Update (

Virus: Desertion Remastered

Desertion has been completely remastered!


  • Virus: Desertion Remastered
  • Undo/redo: Added support for canvas items
  • Undo/redo: Added support for quick scale tool
  • Inventory no longer locks when you hover over the search bar. Now it’ll only lock when you click on the search bar
  • Improved condo load times for clients who join your condo server (bandwidth cap increased by 8x)
  • You can now right click and edit items while the gizmo UI is open
  • Improved look of edit UI (further improvements in next update)

Bug Fixes

  • Crash fix: Workshop character
  • Condo: Fixed some input issues with sliders
  • Condo: While editing items the inventory will now hide, fixing a bug where the inventory could pop up while editing items
  • Condo: Fixed an issue where if you have the gizmo scale lock set on an item, then click on another item it would lock that second item’s scale. Now by default, the lock scale feature is disabled when you click on an item
  • Fixed several issues with Undo/Redo
  • Added more accurate collision for some of the pine tree models
  • Fixed undo/redo notifications showing up if a client pressed CTRL+Z
  • Fixed undo/redo notifications showing up even if there was nothing to undo/redo
  • Fixed several issues with geometry in default Condo map (mainly roof)

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<3 PixelTail Games


Maybe its just because I’ve been busy, but I feel like these updates have been pumping out very frequently. Going to have to hop on tonight to see that new Desertion. The screen shots look incredible!


Yeah, I honestly can’t remember any times where the next 0.X.0.0 update already started getting worked on less than 2 weeks after the last one came out, and besides that we also got an entire new game world and the arcade this year.

Also Desertion looks really good



It’s actually smoother <3

In the time we have worked on this game, we have grown more powerful than you can ever imagine.


It does seem like a lot more stuff is getting done, and I really appreciate that it is. You guys seem to be getting more experienced as time goes on and going back and fixing stuff/improving it really shows how far you guys have come. Once again, thank you for the update, I hope this game continues to get even better.


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