Virus Content


(Before I start this off if it is not allowed admin please lock it)

Hello Tower Unite Community!

I was wondering if any of you people would happen to have the Virus Content GMA file, I was just wanting to look at what it has inside of it and such seeing that was my favorite GMTower Gamemode.



I don’t know about it not being allowed to ask :slight_smile: I’m sure that’s fine.

What I do know is Pixeltail games has stated that they will not be releasing any of the gMOD Tower files to the general public.

But welcome to the forums!! :slight_smile:


Haha, no I totally understand they won’t be releasing the ‘Core’ files for it able to function properly. I know that Source Karts/Ultimate Chimera and I believe something else have there content packs still on the workshop. I guess a better question would be, why keep those and not Virus’s content pack up?