Virus: Bigger maps?

Now i know this could be asking a LOT from the devs, and i understand if they don’t go with this but;

I think in virus, we should have bigger maps, i know we have small, tight-space maps like hospital that get played over and over again. can’t complain, i vote for it

though big maps bring more diversity, obviously there’s things to take into account like everyone camping in 1 spot or too much room for viruses to infect anyone.

this is just an idea i came up with really
unless you think it’s a better idea to have a low max number of players in a virus game so it’s not a big cluster-flick (you know what i mean) where everyone has a big circle-jack (again, you know what i mean) in one spot.

Which, i doubt you do

I don’t recommend bigger maps. On hospital, even though it’s super small it’s still really easy to survive on it. Bigger maps would make it way easier to survive. Plus it’s a 10 round game. Rounds have to come and go pretty quickly


Maybe make it so that you could only vote on bigger maps if there is 8 or more players.

My idea for a big map would be a wider open area then most virus maps with some cover. Here’s the catch… there is fog… If you do not like my idea then that is fine…

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