Virus- after a survivor victory, have the infected burn out and die/otherwise get killed


Ok, this is just a tiny immersion problem of mine, but winning and yet still having dozen infected on you as you wait for the next round to start feels pretty… lame.

I suggest they either burn all their calories and die, or get killed by an automated security system activating/disembodied gunshots. Cool and slightly edgy radio chatter optional. (“Survivors, this is the military! We’ve got you!” or “That was the last of them, friends!” or even “Automated security system online. Number of surviving INF3 carriers: zero”)


I like the security system idea a lot


I’ll be honest, I like the players freezing thing. It’s not super immersive, but there’s something satisfyingly awkward about an infected and survivor standing calmly two feet apart when each was trying to brutally murder the other just seconds ago. I wouldn’t mind something like you’ve suggested, of course, it’s just a little observation of mine.


Great idea, i love to see the military come out of nowhere but that would clash with…

This, Choose wisely because both are good ideas


They’re going to work on virus again with hats and guns i’m sure. But I hope they take the time to add an objective type thing like you said


Okay so how about this, you can still escape like

if you did not manage to escape instead of you getting saved by the military and happy ending instead have the infected killed BUT instead of the military make it an evil corporation (vaguely umbrella like) and kidnap you


or we just L4D it and get on a helicopter and “yay we survived” and that’s it, no need for complex story for it


Well thats if you manage to escape, you also get a fair reward for doing so, but if you did not you still survive but again evil corp kidnaps you, because having 2 happy endings is not good for story in my mind


ye but if you don’t get the helicopter you don’t survive, you’ll eventually get caught my zombies. that’s the point. if left behind u lose.


Well…its up to the devs to decide, i just feel that between having 2 happy endings, gettin overun by infected and gettin kidnapped by spooky (no pun intended) corporations i choose the 3rd option


Virus doesn’t need endings. I would like it if we kept out the corporations and the military and just ended the round, like how it is now.


Yeah but I think the part where the infected lose and burn out would be a nice addition


Pretty much this, if you really wanted you could just autokill all the infected on round end but it really doesn’t matter.


People have diffrent opinions on this, but again i personally prefer more lore, john carmack once said

“Story in a game is like a story in a porn movie. It’s expected to be there, but it’s not that important.”

But again i disagree, to a certain degree (like for example, games like tetris does not need a story at all and games like mario (the first one) doesnt need one that much, but games like the last of us does require story)

And again before this thread becomes a full on argument, i prefer more story, but not all the time

EDIT : @HerbalSanders if the burn out thing does get added, that would mean the infected are vampires, or minecraft styled zombies i guess (not that the infected look like pixelated zombies but you get the point)


The two big reasons I’m hesitant with doing anything fancy with post-victory things are 1: I don’t think Virus needs a particularly fleshed out backstory (players pop in and out in half-hour spurts for the sport of shooting each other, not for a dramatic tale of survivors in an apocalypse), and 2: developing the fancier ideas on here would take development time away from other features (though simple ones, such as the infected simultaneously dying when the round ends, would probably take less than an hour to do).