Virtual Piano layout made for QWERTY only [AZERTY, QWERTZ...]

Hello !
I’m not really sure if it’s a bug, or maybe just something I should put into the suggestions. I really do not know, so I apologize if it’s in the wrong section. I do believe it is a bug though. I also didn’t see any topic about it in this section, even tho I’m not the only one affected by it.

For a little bit of context:
I’m from Belgium. In Belgium, France, and some few African countries, we use the AZERTY layout for keyboards, which is wayy more different than the QWERTY layout.

So now, here’s the issue I have:
Basically, when I’m on the virtual piano on Tower Unite, while having the AZERTY layout activated, I cannot play the bass notes [From 1 to 0, including the black keys]. I guess that the virtual piano of TU has only been configured for the QWERTY layout, so that makes sense. There is, for now, no way to keep the azerty layout while being able to play the bass notes.

I tried to find some solutions to bypass the problem, but none of them worked.
Here’s the two things I tried to do, and what the results were:
Change the layout to a QWERTY one with the windows pre-installed layouts: ► I could play the bass notes, including the black keys, but when I play what should be an A, Q, M, W, Z with the layout I’m used to, it plays a Q instead of an A, an W instead of a Z, etc., which is normal I guess, but I had to give it a try.

Download a program that would allow me to make a custom layout with the keys of my choice being where I want them to be: ► It was the possibility which had the most chance to work, but it didn’t. The layout didn’t change at all when I played on the piano, but when I write in the chat the custom layout works correctly.

So yeah, I’m kinda stuck there. I don’t know any other trick that could work for this, so I assume that it’s just an issue related to the way the piano was made. I’d like to add that I never had this problem on GMTower, and also that I bought Tower Unite especially for the piano, considering that a part of the community is still interested in the virtual piano.
By the way, I’d like to thank the maker of the original playable piano on gmod, because it had a big impact in my life. Basically, I heard a friend play a song that I really like and that means a lot to me [Wiosna from Katawa Shoujo], and from there grew my passion for the piano. Now I’ve been playing the piano in real life for 4 years, and I recently started to work in a piano-bar, and I basically only live for that instrument. So yeah, thanks ! :slight_smile:

Again, sorry if this topic is not a the spot it should be in. I understand if it has to be moved !
Also, if anyone has any question about this issue, I’ll do my best to answer.
Have a nice day ! I hope I’ll be able to play the piano on Tower Unite after this post. :smile:

Since you play real piano, I wrote a program that lets you play your real MIDI keyboard in game, here’s the guide link, it also has an AZERTY button. \o/

Thank you, I don’t have any midi cable tho, so I cannot use my piano anyway haha
And I also don’t have enough space in my desk. :disappointed:

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