Virtual Piano community [Making of a Forum]

Hello peeps !
I haven’t posted anything here for a while, but I came back to share a little project that could also involve the Tower Unite community, and I believe that everyone would get a little something out of it.

So, basically, in comparision with when GMTower was still a thing, the “Piano Lessons Sharing Thread” topic is kinda “dead” now. At least, there are not anything looking like any sort of community around it on Tower Unite, or any other website. Just people playing occasionally, and not any Virtual Piano sheets that are really “interesting”. No one really seems to be involved with it, and many people would like to play some difficult songs but don’t know where and how to start.

So I made a Forum where people could discuss about virtual piano with each other, learn how to play properly little by little, learn how to write sheets properly using Synthesia or using Little Cute Lion’s MiDi converter, and also to share their sheets or play other people sheets !

Here it is:

Why did I decide to do something like that ?
Well, the Virtual Piano community, if it doesn’t seem to be insanely big, is kinda big actually. But the fact that this community is splitted on many different games and website certainly doesn’t help. So I wanted to bring everyone up, and decided to create a forum where everyone from every kind of platform could discuss about it, share their “knowledge”, their experience, their creation, etc.
Also, I recently started to play GMod again, and like Tower Unite, it has a playable piano. [Think it was originaly created by the GMTower dev’s] So, I sometimes play on some servers, and many people keep asking me the same questions “How do I play that fast ?” “How did I become so good ?” “Is it a talent or something ?” “Is it a bot playing ?”
Well, those are certainly big compliments for me lol. But I actually never knew what to answer to them. I mean, I could say “oh, you know, I practiced for a long time until I was able to play what I wanted to play”, but that wouldn’t really be an answer to their question. This website could actually be the answer, and if it’s sufficient to make people learn how to play the Virtual Piano properly, then I’m more than happy to give it a try !

Why would I play the Virtual Piano ? Isn’t it better to use my time to actually learn on a real piano ?
Yes, it is better to use this time to learn on a real piano, and if you have the possibility, I strongly recommend you to do so ! But some people may have some difficulties to buy a piano, since it really isn’t cheap. [Mine cost 800$]
Actually, I’m very passionate about everything relating to a piano, and it’s been almost 4 years since I’m like that. So when I first heard someone play a song that I loved and still love today [Wiosna-Katawa Shoujo] on the playable piano of GMod, I instantly got curious. At this time, I’ve never had any piano lessons, and I didn’t have a piano. So, until my parents would offer me one, I decided to transfer my passion of the piano into the Virtual Piano, so I could at least play everything that I liked, and I found myself playing the playable piano in a roleplay server, where everyone was enjoying it !
So, like a real piano: People do enjoy listening to you ! Receiving compliment out of it is a really nice thing, since it takes time and effort to get really good with a computer keyboard, and I really like to answer to people’s request when they ask me to play something. Their reactions are well-received !

Is playing on a virtual piano different from playing on a real one ?
Playing on a real piano is completely different from playing on a virtual piano. On a Virtual piano, we’re extremely limited, but it is insanely faster to get good at Virtual Piano than getting good in real life. While playing Virtual piano can be relaxing and easy to handle, on a real piano, it’s the opposite. Usually, you don’t even know where to start when you just got a piano, and the frustration is gigantic. Learning to play on a real piano also takes much more efforts than playing on a virtual piano, so even tho it produces the same sound, it really is completely different !
As an exemple, myself: I have a piano in real life and follow 4 hours of lessons per week with some great teachers, training one to two hours a day at house to learn fast, and even with all this dedication to the piano IRL, I still found the VP more relaxing than playing on a real piano, because it is easier to directly play what I want, to sightread the sheets, on a virtual piano.

So, please, come to this forum. If you have any questions, ask it in the forum, or just post your question here. I’d be very glad to give you an answer, and you’be helping me into getting an active place where people can improve together !

Great for learning on a virtual piano, can even submit your own sheets to it.
It also has music from movies and games.

Well, you give me the occasion to add a point about this site.
First of all, the piano on the site is pretty bad on itself. Keeping a key pressed litteraly spam the note, the sound of the piano is strongly disgusting, and the piano response is really bad. I would never recommend it to anyone, unless you don’t want to improve your playing.

Second, the sheets shared on this site are painfully bad. Badly written, poor timings, absolutely zero markings whatsoever, so you mostly have to figure out how to play them the right way, and you’re not credited anywhere when you submit a song, so there’s no way to know who has done a sheet. It is insanely unpractical.

So, it is not great for learning on a virtual piano. In fact, it’s the “minimum” you could do if you want to improve your skills on it. It’s true that you can submit your own sheets, but why would you submit sheets that sounds bad or doesn’t help you to achieve any sort of goal ? :stuck_out_tongue:
But don’t forget that the sheets that you see on this site are all submitted by the community, and it means that they can improve and actually submit some really good sheets. That’s why I’ve made this forum.

Also, on this site, there’s nothing to discuss with other people. All you can do is submit your sheets and play on a crappy piano. Really nothing to take out of it. The only interesting addition about it is the Virtual Piano Championship.

If I wanted to do a forum after almost 3 years of experience on the virtual piano, there’s a reason ! It’s because there’s no way to help anyone to improve. :slight_smile:

So, if you actually want some good sheets to improve and a piano to play on, please, refer to this link: