Virtual perplexus toy?

Perplexus is a line of toys where you navigate a marble through a series of passages within a ball by rotating the ball to manipulate gravity. (Here’s a trailer) It’s a handy little time waster, and it’d be interesting to see a version of that in the Tower. It’d obviously be a generic version (because I highly doubt we’d be able to get the actual rights), and it could either be a minigame toy, like pinball or arcade games, or maybe its own gameworld, perhaps as a mod for Ball Race.


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As a gameworld, I could imagine everyone having their own giant floating sphere, different paths to take, some with traps that would pop or otherwise ‘kill’ the small marble.

Maybe have a zoom in/zoom out feature to move more precisely as you navigate through this huge spherical maze.

Rotation could be done via mouse or WASD (Thumbsticks for the controller users)

This would make one killer ballrace level.

And I can really feel this Marble Blast Ultra vibe from this thing.