Vinyl Stuff

My friend, a GMT player (who doesn’t have a forum account (yet)) had a suggestion he sent my way. I added him because he’s neat and had occasional questions, and now he’s also made a neat suggestion.

Vinyl records to hang on your walls / a display rack, and a record player that plays media (for the hipsters)

Eh? Ehh???


Yeah, I’d dig that, but just a quick reminder that this thread exists :wink:

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These items are in the Early Access release, and can be placed on walls, but they don’t play any media that I know of.


Yes, right, thanks; But I think that this post might get suggestions ignored, glossed over, or forgotten. I’ll post there from now on, though. Thanks for the reminder, sorry about that!


Holy shit, really? That’s awesome. Was that in the last stream? I missed that one.

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Mac did it a couple days ago.


It would be awesome if you could hang one up and assign a soundcloud link. Just go up to it, press E, and it would automatically be added to the CondOS media player thingy.


Nice. That’s fucking cool.

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Awesome idea to implement, I would just have a whole wall with vinyl.

Collectors will die to have alot of vinyls (I am basically a collector)

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Same here. I at least want some form of jpg vinyl option. (get your own personal album cover as a sort of way to get your own viynl library. Vinyl stands would be awsome as well being able to put in your own condo.

That would be sweet

Im thinking of collectible vinyl toys