Villa Dergo

Henlo! So, I finally finished my excruciatingly long condo project that I’ve been procrastinating on for months. I decided it was time to get it to a point where I’d feel comfortable uploading it, and that time is now. (More information after the pseudo-RP advertisement)
So I’d like to introduce you to:

This is Villa Dergo, the luxury retreat and meeting place for anyone with the money to afford it.
Built from the seafloor up to serve its patrons in a mixture of comfort and grandeur suitable for even the most distinguished business magnate.

Built to give the impression of a private paradise, like being transported to a garden in the middle of the ocean. Villa Dergo comes with only the finest materials and features for the discerning customer.

Equipped with a private beach with accompanying bar and saunas, enjoy the world-class comfort and relaxation with no noise or smells of public beaches.

Or if you’re interested in a view, enjoy a drink at the rooftop terrace while admiring the gardens built into the very roof of the villa itself.

The greenhouse is equipped with fantastical flora carefully manicured to create a calming atmosphere, a perfect place to sit down and enjoy yourself no matter the time of day or night.

Or if you’re of the more fun-loving type, gather some of your companions or partners and enjoy one of the 2 entertainment centers featuring comfortable seating and a large TV built into the wall. Or perhaps you’d care to have a drink as you enjoy music being played at the bar, designed to invoke a feeling of rustic old world charm comparable to an old fashioned pub.

In addition to this the villa comes equipped with extensive bathrooms, a fully equipped kitchen with marble countertops and a walk-in freezer, a large dining room for hosting even large gatherings, as well as several other areas of interest whether you want to entertain guests or have a quiet moment all to yourself or your friends.

Host a barbeque outside, or perhaps play a game or two of basketball on your own court.

And of course, to show off your wealth and influence, make sure to display your trophies and other valuables in the trophy room and vault located in the basement.

And once you’re ready to retire for the day, the villa is equipped with 3 luxury suites for any overnight stays if you decide to stay the night rather than hop on a boat ride back to the Tower.

All of this is built into the large and flexible villa building itself, that retains large amounts of space and allows for extensive customization with your own flavour of furnishings and decor. Power, water and other utilities are connected via underground pipes and cables directly to the mainland through the utility room separated from the main villa via a bridge. Next to it is the iconic lighthouse designed to let all ships and boats in the waters know where the island is even during the harshest storms.

The island is surrounded by carefully designed gardens and beaches which provide beauty and elegance to the various unique shapes and designs of the buildings. Built in a mixture of modern and brutalist architecture. Feel the joy and beauty of nature without giving up the luxuries that the modern world has to offer. With the villa designed with plenty of large windows and glass surfaces, every part of it is flooded with natural light and ambience that makes it feel even larger than it already is.

We are certain you are likely to enjoy Villa Dergo whether you’re a private citizen looking for a luxurious retreat; or a wealthy businessman who needs to show off and convince your partners to sign a new contract.

So reserve your stay today or lease it for an extended period and enjoy an unforgettable vacation or conference that’ll stay in your mind long after you leave! Located just a short boat hop away from the Plaza island, comfort is truly within your reach.

This condo took quite a while for me to work on, since I kept running out of inspiration repeatedly, and had no idea how to proceed with the work. It’s now in a state where I feel I can upload it without feeling regretful of it, allowing me to move on to potential new projects.

The condo is rather large, with thousands of items. However, I have used almost no custom content whatsoever, the only exceptions are a handful of custom textures for an info board at the docks, and a flag and a towel beach texture.

In my experience, it loads surprisingly quickly, but performance does tend to take a hit if you look at it from certain locations. Understandable, but you have been warned.

The entire condo is equipped with lighting, and I’ve tried to make it both immersive and atmospheric to the feel of the condo. Unfortunately due to the lack of Condo IO for now, there are no light switches or etc. and the lights are always on, which can impact performance.

The furniture is admittedly a bit lackluster, and of significantly lower quality than the rest of the condo. Apologies for that, but I just ran out of ideas frankly, and decided to just include basic furniture needed to maintain the basic concept of the condo without taking up too much of my time. A lot of the furniture has also been handcrafted from canvas blocks, since the furniture selection in the game is fairly limited for many applications (No shade towards the devs, just a reality we all have to accept)

Overall I am still happy with the project, and I’ll be glad to hear of any feedback people may have.
Most of the work was done exclusively by me, but I have had some input in the form of ideas, encouragement and a few furniture placements from a couple friends. I plan to upload it to the Steam workshop later today or early tomorrow depending on my mood, and you’re all welcome to check it out for yourself or to come up with your own furnishings, decorations and themes for it once it’s been uploaded.

Running the condo legitimately might be a bit more tricky, but I’m sure most people who would want to probably have the funds to purchase any items they might be missing.

I hope y’all will enjoy it, because then I’ll at least know my struggle to keep working on it wasn’t for nothing. It was a learning experience, and I’ve learned many new techniques and ideas in the process which will help me in the future I’m sure.

Thanks to PixelTail for creating the game and giving me the tools to make this happen, it’s truly impressive how much freedom we have to fulfill our creativity.

More images in this Imgur album:


What condo did you built it off (condo?)

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Holy shit this looks awesome! The moment I saw the overview I was like :eye::lips::eye:

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The Condo is built on Smooth Dirt. I used a massive stretched canvas block for the water and a bunch of canvas pile shapes to form the island.

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Thanks! I’ll be uploading and taking it public today so hopefully people will enjoy it in person as well. ^w^

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For anyone that ends up checking this forum post out, the condo is now released for people to check out personally. Please let me know of any feedback or issues that come up, and I hope y’all enjoy. <3


This is insane, if someone showed me this and said it was an official condo map I probably wouldn’t even doubt them

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That’s an astonishing condo you made! I’m super impressed by it! :+1:

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This is beautiful! Incredibly impressive!

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How did you make the windows for the green house and the luxury suites?

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They’re just made with the thick window frames from DIY store arranged at the desired angles and then I put canvas blocks with a glass texture inside them to fill them up.

Oooooooo I think I found a new design for my condo

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