View Watching Count

If you don’t know, I own a thread where I have a Catsack Series where I post pictures I make of tower unite items in situations.

Sometimes I want to know how many people actually clicked the watch button. It’s sort of like a subscriber thing. Please add a way for people or the owner to view the watch count.

You mean this

or that? (bottom of the album)

No. Those are views. I mean people who selected the “Watching” button.

Oh, you mean this?

This is on automatically for me because I watch the “meta” category. I don’t set this for individual threads, as sometimes I want to be on top of everyone’s bug reports or questions so I can help out.

So if we did have a number for that, it would be really inaccurate because I am watching your thread, but doing so automatically, because I’m watching that thread category.